Resident Evil DS rumours strike

Reports predict zombie outbreak on Nintendo's handheld but Capcom clams up

You might want to lock your DS away and give your hands a good wash, because if the latest reports are to be believed Nintendo's touchscreen handheld is about to come down with a serious case of T-Virus.

Yup, Capcom's killer Resident Evil franchise could finally be dragging its undead ass onto a handheld for the very first time. The latest issue of UK Nintendo mag NGC is reporting that a DS version of Resi is already in production, complete with touchscreen zombie poking.

According to the report the game will pinch Resi 4's camera and control system and use the touchscreen to control weapons and knives. So, for instance, if you had your knife out a slick swipe across the touchscreen would slice up some zombie flesh like chop suey. With pus and maggots in, obviously.

Few other details are mentioned, although Chris and Jill are mentioned by name. Presumably the touchscreen could also be used for solving puzzles, as could the DS's microphone. And the possibility of two player wireless zombie hunting? Nice.

We jumped on the blower to Capcom to get the official lowdown and were told in no uncertain terms that the publisher "could not confirm nor deny" the reports.

So for the moment we'll have to file Resi DS firmly in the speculation drawer - although there's a whiff of truth about this one, and it smells stronger than a zombie fart.

Let us know what you think of a DS version of Resi in the forums below and we'll bring you more details on the game if and when they emerge.