Extra Res Evil 4 goodies on PS2

First details on what Capcom may be giving you for the PS2 killer

Resident Evil 4, certainly the best GameCube game of this year so far and certainly a decent contender for overall game of the 2005. You'll have your chance to let us know shortly what you think in the Golden Joystick Awards, which will be coming soon.

Anyway as you probably know, Capcom is going to be releasing a PS2 version of the ever so impressive horror-shooter before the end of November and first details may have emerged on some of the bonus features PS2 Res Evil 4 players can expect.

A post on the company's forums this morning suggests that there will be four exclusive new features in the PS2 game, allowing players to experience five new scenarios as Ada. Brand new weapons to add to the impressive armoury are also mentioned, as are brand new items and we swiftly got rather excited at the prospect of even more Res Evil goodness or should that be badness? on the PS2.

Anyway a quick call to Capcom reps gave these firmer details a gentle though significant kick in the nuts. While a spokesman could confirm that there will certainly be additional content in the PS2 version of the game, these new details had no official confirmation and Capcom had no idea where this seemingly informed info had come from.

So no official confirmation alas, but we have to say these rumours do have a certain smack of truth about them. New levels, weapons and items would certainly be amongst the first things on our personal PS2 drawing board and surely that Ada info hasn't just been plucked out of the ether. Anyways Res Evil 4 on PS2 will be a stormer and any excuse to play the whole thing again is just too good an opportunity to turn down. We'll bring you more on Res Evil 4 PS2 as it arrives.