FlatOut 2 revs engine

Bugbear Entertainment's back with more insane, physics-heavy racing mayhem

Remember FlatOut, the bonkers physics-showcase racing title from Finnish outfit Bugbear Entertainment with massive scenery destruction, drivers hurtling through windscreens to kiss the tarmac and a plethora of other wince-inducing moments? Well it's back, in a sequel kind of way, FlatOut 2 roaring off the grid on PS2, Xbox and PC next year.

And that's all the facts we have at the moment, although we expect FlatOut 2 will offer a similar gameplay experience to the original but obviously come with additional features (like additional cars, tracks and, er... more scenery to destroy?) and no doubt a graphical touch-up or two. We have a sneaking suspicion we'll learn more come August, so stay race-tuned. Heh, race-tuned - geddit? Oh never mind...