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Twilight War

Many of us would line up to put Northern California in a post-apocalyptic state (especially after enduring the raging pit of videogames madness and $50 cab fares that is E3), but sadly we're not likely to get the opportunity. However, Smiling Gator has had the fun of doing exactly that in its Mad Max-style game Twilight War, the first Source-based MMO.

"We decided right away that we didn't want to be another fantasy MMO," reveals Smiling Gator's Matt Simmons. "There are too many big titles and we wanted to offer an alternative. Half-Life, Fallout and lots of pen-and-paper games have really done well in the post-apocalyptic genre, but so far no-one has really come out with a proper survivalist MMO."


It's certainly a harsh life in the world of Twilight War. Most of Earth has been devastated by an alien spaceship crash-landing in the sea and there's limited food, water and ammunition. Various factions fight for the hearts and minds of the survivors, who comprise of both normal humans and humanoid mutants too.

Although it's still a fair way off, Smiling Gator already has a very clear idea of how the political and environmental complexities of the world will operate, from faction alliances to dealing with death, right down to the visual specifics of your character's mutations. We can't wait to tell you a whole lot more about it in our next issue.