LA Rush

It's not enough to just be fast. You have to look cool too. Oh, and jump off skyscrapers. While crashing through well-known landmarks, such as the giant Hollywood sign.

That's the essence of Midway's LA Rush, a kind of Midnight Club on yet more drugs, with ultra-slick motors performing the kind of mad, crazy stunts even Herbie would probably think twice about. And boy, is it fast.

'Realism' has been shoved aside in favour of true arcade racing, over-the-top jumps and the sort of drift cornering fans of Sega Rally wet themselves over. As generic a racer as LA Rush might be in some respects (free-roaming city, car-modding, the endless quest to earn 'respect'...), there's still a freshness and energy here we haven't seen since the likes of Burnout 3: Takedown.


The other thing we like about LA Rush is its trashy storyline - 30 cars from your private collection have been stolen by a rival gang, and must be reacquired, preferably while trashing as much of their stuff as possible. Because if driving things fast is cool, driving things fast through collapsible buildings has to be even cooler still.

The tiresome street-speak will make you wince, and there's no Live, but you've got to take the rough with the smooth - and this is...