Perception perceives JoWooD to blame

Stargate developer denies accusations, game apparently still in development

Whilst it would be unfair to say the firefight surrounding Stargate: Alliance has peaked our interest more than the game itself, the situation is certainly making our soap-opera senses tingle in ways we haven't felt since the tarty one did that thing to the cockney one in Eastenders. This time it's developer Perception's turn to trash-talk its former fiancÚ.

Claiming that the comments by publisher JoWooD were both "misleading and libelous," Perception have chucked blame for the current situation squarely at its publishers feet, citing legal and confidentiality breaches. Perception also claims that it spent several months attempting to resolve both companies' differences, but gave an ultimatum demanding for the issues to be addressed or risk termination the contract when talks broke down. The deadline for this was August 8, curiously also when JoWooD issued their own statement, canceling the deal.

Despite their sudden lack of publisher and the impending shadow of intensive legal action, Perception are adamant that production on the game will continue.

Although no release date has so far been touted, Perception insists that Stargate SG-1: The Alliance will still be released for PS2, Xbox and PC. Eventually.