GT5 starts its engines in 2007?

With over one hundred times the level of detail in GT4, well according to Crotia's leading car mag anyway

It's not often you get to cite a Croatian car magazine as your source for exciting videogame news, but hey, here we go!

According to internet reports, Kazunori Yamauchi, director of the Gran Turismo series has given an interview in Croatian car magazine Auto Car. Although much of the chat was presumably more car-focused than game-orientated (funnily enough our local newsagent is currently out of Auto Car so it's difficult to confirm for sure), Yamauchi did drop off a few oily black nuggets of GT5 information, which may or may not flick your gear sticks into first.

Most significantly, the game is apparently scheduled to hit the PS3 sometime in 2007. Futhermore, Yamauchi is promising that the title will have one hundred times the level of detail as GT4 on PS2, in line with his previous thoughts on the comparative power of Sony's next-gen machine.

Although Yamauchi has speculated on the implementation of GT4's elusive online play and a proper damage model for the series' next iteration in the past, no further details appear to be forthcoming from the Auto Car interview.

We'll have more information on the game just as soon as we pack our bags and all move to Croatia, apparently.