Halo flick going ballistic in 2007

Master Chief's silver screen debut two years off, according to reports

It's confirmed that Halo the movie is to hit the silver screen in summer 2007 according to a report on Variety, with the release year emerging following the closure of the deal between Universal and Fox to deliver the movie based on the alien-zapping exploits of the Master Chief.

Interestingly, and in a significant turnaround on Microsoft's initial demands for the flick, it appears that Universal and Fox have the final say in what goes into the movie. Microsoft is now instead "guaranteed extensive consultation" on the film project with Bungie involved in a creative consultant capacity - which should ensure that universe continuity remains intact.

Previously, Microsoft was demanding that the studio(s) taking on the flick would have to submit to strict control on the film's development from Halo series developer Bungie.

The Halo movie script has been penned by Alex Garland so at least the storyline shouldn't be a complete duffer - and hopefully it'll be something a little more cerebrally challenging than a simple Cowboys and Indians in space scenario. Hell, it may even entwine with or be based upon the backbone of Halo 3's plot in a whole game to movie crossover scenario.