Blitz Far Cry Instincts before it's released!

Win tickets to an exclusive pre-launch play event starring Ubisoft's impressive Xbox first-person shooter!

Bragging rights. They're great, erm, right? Wouldn't it be super ultra-cool (even more super ultra-cool than monkeys) if you could play one of this year's hottest Xbox first-person shooter prior to launch, boast about it to your mates and then duck and weave as they explode in a fit of flying fists and jealous rage? Of course it would, and we're offering you our readers precisely that opportunity in our slick and happening Far Cry Instincts competition.

On September 9 Ubisoft is holding a special Far Cry Instincts pre-launch jamboree at Microsoft's HQ in Soho, London, where attendees will get to give the FPS a good thrashing in single-player and go ballistic in multiplayer against none other than FCI's development team! We've knocked heads with Ubisoft to give four of our readers the chance to attend, or in other words we have four tickets for the event to give away!


So if you're free on September 9 and fancy heading into London for a pre-launch bash at Far Cry Instincts, have a pop at the question below. Please note that competition entrants must be aged 16 or over. Winners will be notified by Ubisoft direct and will be provided will full details of the event by the publisher.