Restricted Area

The future is here and the future is ...dull

According to Restricted Area, catastrophic destruction of the environment and mass starvation is due in about 70 years, so we'd best crack on then - the game is a Diablo clone in a crappy German Fallout-style cyberpunk world.

You begin by choosing one of four characters, each possessing unique skills and special abilities, including a sassy hacker called Jessica Parker and a shadowy ex-military commander with the look of JC Denton from Deus Ex called Johnson.

As with all role-playing games, Restricted Area's bread and butter is in the levelling-up of character's skills and weapons, but you can also enhance your Johnson (sorry) by using bio-mod implants, such as bionic arms, cyber hearts and electronic eyes. However, you never get to see the appearance of your character change - it would've been nice to see them strutting along on a pair of buzzing, robotic legs.


From a central inner city hub, you interact with various NPCs to buy medical supplies, ammo and so on. It's also here that you receive missions from a dodgy businessman called Mr Jones, which involve flying to a new location, collecting pick-ups and valuable objects and killing dozens of mutants and monsters.

Unfortunately, it's here that Restricted Area falls down - and that's nothing to do with malfunctioning limbs. The combat quickly becomes repetitive, simply involving mouse-clicking on-screen to shoot at the blindingly stupid enemies blundering towards you, retreating if they get too close, then shooting again, maybe using a barrel of explosives for a bit of a change. A decade ago, Restricted Area might have been cutting edge - but not now.

The verdict

The future is dull

Whiptail Interactive