Master Chief fights the flood

Bungie calls in Halo star to help secure financial aid for victims of Hurricane Katrina

Bungie is refusing to sit on its laurels in the wake of the Hurricane Katrina disaster that's hit the Gulf States in the US and is calling on the Halo community and beyond to give financial aid through various charitable initiatives.

Initially, the developer is urging Halo fans to snap up t-shirts with 'Fight the Flood' (a cunning play on words, see) stamped on the front and a caricature Master Chief kicking a Flood parasite from Halo in, presumably, the gonads. The t-shirts are being sold at $19.99 a pop and it's promised not a single cent will go into the profit bank, with a minimum of $15 on each sale finding its way into the hands of the Red Cross relief fund.


Additionally, the developer is donating all profits made from its online store during September to the American Red Cross (Bungie says that it'd "prefer you just bought a bunch of the Fight the Flood T-Shirts, since more profits will go from them than any other items") and later in the month it's to hold a charity auction selling off "rare and unusual Bungie and Halo stuff", all proceeds from the auction going to the Red Cross. If you require further information on Bungie's 'fight the flood' initiatives then hit this link.

In related news, Sony Online Entertainment has introduced the '/donate' command into its MMORPG EverQuest II that, if used, will transport players to the official American Red Cross donations web page set up for the Hurricane Katrina relief fund.