Tom Nook walks on the Wild side

In which Animal Crossing DS gets a new name and we struggle to convince people that talking raccoons are bloody great

Nintendo has announced that its forthcoming online Animal Crossing title for the DS is to get a brand new subtitle before it hits US shelves on December 4. Ladies, gentlemen and zoophiles, please put your hands together for Animal Crossing: Wild World, as it will be known forever more.

Animal Crossing, for anyone shamefully still in the dark, started life on the N64 before winging its way to GameCube in 2001 - or, thanks to a monumental display of laxness on Nintendo's part, last year if you lived in Europe. It's difficult to explain why a game that never really progresses beyond flirting with deranged animals, fishing endlessly and shoving fruit in the ground is so mindlessly compelling, so we won't bother. Instead we'll merely implore you to go and pick up a copy yourself - you'll probably find it in your local games emporium for about 1p these days.


Despite the extreme LA heat at E3 this year - not to mention the incessant noise and thick fog of eye-watering body odour rising off the adolescent throng - the DS incarnation of Animal Crossing was fantastic enough to have us keep coming back for more. The way the stylus works with the game for everything from movement to scrawling "I've got a massive c" on your fancy new hat (you're not really given much space) is perfect - and the promise of online multiplayer shenanigans using Nintendo's Wi-fi Connection service has us moister than a mollusc in a Turkish bath.

Animal Crossing: Wild World is due for European release early next year - in the meantime, why not enlarge the brand new logo on this page and gently rub yourself up against your screen.