Age of Empires III demo out

And so here's your first chance to march onto the battlefields of Ensemble's latest strategy project

Not many moons ago it emerged that Ensemble Studios was to release a demo of its latest 'Age' game Age of Empires III, and now, a few moon turns later, that demo has materialised. The single-player only demo allows fans - and non-fans too if a bit of historical RTS action tickles your fancy - of the series to check out two civilizations from the sequel and wade into two scenarios. It's a meaty fella at just shy of 400Mb but if you feel the need to dust off your general's cap, go for it - the demo can be found here.

In highly related news, yesterday we ran an interview with Ensemble Studios' Bruce Shelley focussing on Age of Empires III. Discover what Bruce had to say about the title by clicking on this link.