Test Drive Unlimited

Atari's TDU is here to prove PGR 3 isn't the only 360 racer in town

These brand new in-game shots of Test Drive Unlimited on Xbox 360 have been culled from its latest outing at the Tokyo Games Show and are here to show you that Project Gotham 3's not the only driving game in the world.

Set in the exotic locale of Hawaii, TDU lets you create an in-game avatar - complete with houses, cars and clothes - then hoofs it all up on Xbox Live for you to cruise around and challenge people to impromptu races. And the whole island is yours to chop up into racetracks. When challenging someone to a race, you can bring up the map edit screen and chuck on a start point, end point and checkpoints along the way, choosing to race 300 yards down the road in a ten-second drag race, or making your opponent drive from one end of the island to the other, which will take around three hours.


The size of the game is matched by its detail, with car interiors modelled in amazingly picky precision and all motors coming complete with showroom-spec details, plus a working radio that can stream music from your networked PC. Expect big, exciting things when Test Drive Unlimited comes to Xbox 360 in the spring.