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X05: Peter Jackson lends talent to Halo movie

The Lord of the Rings director brought onboard to act as executive producer on Master Chief's silver screen debut

Bungie's revealed that the talents of Peter Jackson have been secured for the in-development Halo movie.

Apparently, everyone at the studio is "positively incontinent" over this occurrence and Jackson, director of The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy and soon to unleash his King Kong flick, will act as executive producer on Master Chief's silver screen debut.

Jackson's involvement with the movie also brings with it his WETA special effects studio which will work on the Halo flick.

"From fabricating Covenant weapons to building life-sized Forerunner structures to accomplishing shot after shot of complex live-action/CG integration - simply put, there's no group of people we'd rather have realize the Halo universe on screen", says Bungie of WETA working on the film.

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