X05: Alone in the Dark looking fearsome

First shots of Atari's next-gen survival horror jaunt as the classic series preps to scare a whole new generation of gamers titless

After Uwe Boll succesfully murdered Atari's seminal survival horror franchise for the big screen, the words Alone in the Dark send shivers of terror down our spines for all the wrong reasons. However, with the announcement that the company's set to revive the classic series for the next generation of consoles, we're hoping that we can put that particular cinematic nightmare well and truly behind us.

Alone in the Dark's already been confirmed for PS3 and Xbox 360 and, fresh from X05 in Amsterdam, we've got some terror-ific (no, we didn't just write that, really) new screens from the game.


Needless to say, it seems like that Xbox 360 next-gen oomph is cranking the blood-curdling atmosphere up to previously untold levels for the series - even if it does all look like a cross between Resi and Silent Hill from the screens. Still, that's no bad thing and hey, Alone in the Dark pretty much birthed both those games, so it's only fair they gave something back, right?

Alone in the Dark is due to hit PS3 and Xbox 360 sometime next year. We're already quaking in our boots.