X05: MS gets its hands on Lara's assets

Utilising the Xbox 360's might for "improved breast physics" and "high definition buttock curvature". We're just making this up now. Plus: trailer!

Tomb Raider: Legend is coming to Xbox 360! There, that's the news story done so now we can go get some lunch.

Oh, apparently there's a bit more to say: "My original vision for Lara can nearly be realized with the muscle of the Xbox 360," according to Toby Gard, Lara Croft's creator and senior designer at Crystal Dynamics - and he likes pirates, so he must be alright. Gard contiunes: "The stunning graphics and scope of how Lara can move and interact with her surroundings will be astounding," and then whoever was writing the press release clearly got bored of chatting and went for some lunch. Like we want to do.

Tomb Raider: Legend is currently looking pretty damn good (we've seen it and we like pirates too so, you know) and is due to hit pretty much every single console in the galaxy some time next year. We'd be more specific but our stomach acid's started eating through the lining of our guts. Bye!

Tomb Raider: Legend Xbox 360 trailer
Download here (19Mb, WMV)