Stake a claim on Ubi's Darkwatch!

Sink your teeth into Ubisoft's vampire-meets-cowboy shooter and win one of five copies for either Xbox or PS2

If we had to pick our two favourite things in whole the world to put into a game and meld into one single hulk of gameplay goodness, it's a fair bet that cowboys and vampires would come way up the list (after pirates and zombies, admittedly, but that's not the point).

Anyway, Ubisoft-published shooter Darkwatch does just that, featuring a whole horde of the undead meeting their festering demise at the hands of gun-slinging, chap-sporting Wild West bad-ass, Jericho Cross. After getting on the wrong end of a vampire's gob, he teams up with mysterious secret society Darkwatch in a bid to overthrow the Powers of Darkness. Needless to say, it's all about the pistol-packing, lead-shredding hi-concept carnage from then on.


Darkwatch is set to hit the Xbox and PS2 from October 6 and we've got five copies of the game to give away. FOR FREE! Simply answer the question below and we'll randomly select five winners out of our Stetson.

Note - and this is important - you need to tell us whether you'd prefer to win the PS2 or Xbox version when you enter. Just put your choice after your surname when you fill in the form below, like so: John Wayne (Xbox).

Good luck!