Touch up your friends with Project Rub 2

Sonic Team's Takumi Yoshinaga talks multiplayer Where Do Babies Come From? and staring at the moon

Takumi Yoshinaga, producer on Sonic Team's upcoming Project Rub sequel Where Do Babies Come From? wants you all to touch each other.

In an interview with, Yoshinaga reveals his romantic side, explaining how one of Sonic Team's major goals during the design on its follow-up was to get people playing with each other. To this end, the game's no longer limited to a lone single player jaunt but uses the DS' wi-fi features to reach out and give the world a hug: "In Feel the Magic, the game play was just for one person. Now, with added wireless for up to four players, the way of playing is totally different. The biggest difference is that now everyone can play together."

Yoshinaga continues, explaining why his team felt multiplayer was the way forward in the sequel: "It's more fun to play it with other people than just by yourself. So, I thought that doing so would be a good fit. Also, the DS is the type of device you want to touch. It's easy for everyone to play with it. If you play like this with a partner, it becomes a communication tool."

Fans of the first game who felt a little short-changed by the brevity of the experience should be relieved to hear that Yoshinaga is aware of the first game's deficiencies and hopes that Sonic Team has managed to create a more satisfying experience. At least, that's what we think he said: "When you're having a cook out, and a vegetable falls in the fire. It's still delicious. This time, we've made a properly cooked meal, which is also delicious."

Finally, when asked if perhaps the Project Rub series is indicative of his own romantic nature Yoshinaga reveals: "Personally, maybe. But, while making the game, I'm more of a realist. I have to be during the process. In my everyday life, perhaps. In my apartment, I like to watch the moon at night."

Where Do Babies Come From? hits Japan on October 20 while the game's likely to hit Europe some time next year.