LMA Manager 2006

The boy's done well - 'nuff respect to Codemasters for this new version

With the footie season now finally back in full swing the main topic of office conversation can once again turn to fantasy football. Not that we like to blow our on trumpets or anything, but yes, like most of the world, we COULD do a better job than Sven if we tried.

Which is why games like LMA Manager continue to do so well, and all respect to Codemasters for not resting on its laurels when it comes to this latest version.

For one, LMA Manager 2006 has been given a massive graphical overhaul. Gone are the garish, primary-coloured menus, to be replaced by a slick, fashionable front end that wouldn't look out of place in a Christian Dior catalogue. The transfer system has been tweaked as well, with more control now afforded over negotiating contracts. Player swaps, appearance fees and success clauses can now all be individually negotiated when it comes to landing that elusive, overseas star.


But most of all, we like the inclusion of 'Football One', a Sky Sports-style interactive TV channel that's been designed to discharge footballing news flashes like Motty with the trots. Voiced by Gary Lineker himself, we reckon it's a far better way of dishing up all the relevant stats than simply force-feeding players screen after screen of numbers. Full review next issue.