GTA: LCS slips into November on PSP

What a liberty! But the good news is you won't have too long to wait for the portable car jacker

GTA Liberty City Stories, the newest PSP incarnation of the series and the only new GTA game to appear this year, has slipped a week to a November 4th release in the UK.

While disappointing - we were originally expecting the title to debut this very Friday - it's apparently been put back a week for reasons unknown, so we'll just have to contain our disappointment, albeit for only another seven days.

Funnily enough (if you've got a strange sense of humour) the US edition of Liberty City Stories is actually out tomorrow, so whether this will have a knock on effect for US GTA fans, we don't exactly know.

However what we can offer you by way of compensation, is some of our extended coverage on the game.

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