Blistering New New Super Mario Bros. info

Famitsu revelations revelry as more New Super Mario Bros. DS information emerges

Nintendo's been surprisingly coy about it's upcoming Super Mario platformer for DS - the first brand new proper Mario game since, ooh, if we're talking 2D then Super Mario World, probably. However, in the latest edition of Famitsu, New Super Mario Bros. (as the DS game is known) producer Tezuka Takushi has, er, piped up with some fresh details.

By the sounds of it, the game's looking Peachy (sorry) at the moment with a simultaneous two-player mode now in place. Takushi explains that it's the first time such a gameplay mechanic has been possible in the Mario platform world thanks to the normal constraints of your telly. However, with the DS' extra screen space, New Super Mario Bros. enables gamers to stomp across the levels in tandem, via wi-fi - however, it seems that there's a strong element of competitive play involved. It sounds great to us - whoever thought it up should take a (wait for it...) Bowser.

What's more, to absolutely ensure that you're not Koopa'd up in your room with no friends to play against, New Super Mario Bros. will also include a bunch of mini-games which can be played by up to four people. Takushi also suggests that NSMB might also include specially tweaked versions of the splendid Mario 64 DS mini-games with a new multi-player slant.

It seems that the game will be plumbing (!) the depths of Mario's past with plenty of references to old-skool Mario lore including familiar staples like mushrooms, flagpoles, enemies (now in 3D) and a host of recognisable tunes alongside some brand new compositions.

In a new gameplay twist, it seems that Mario won't just have the power to grow massive - he'll also be able to shrink to tiny proportions to squeeze through small gaps and slip into discarded Koopa shells to mow down opponents.

We'd love to tell you more about New Super Mario Bros. but that's all Famitsu had to say. Presumably because there wasn't mushroom for any more information. Anyway, got to go - moustache off.