Half Life 2 prettied up for 360?

Net rumblings point to Valve's darling loading up a better make-up kit when booted on the Xbox 360

Net reports stemming from various websites are stating, without source, that Half Life 2 may be compatible with X360 in a way which will give an improved experience to 360 owners.

The unconfirmed report states that if Xbox 360 owners place their Xbox copy of Half Life 2 - to be released Stateside on the 18th this month - they'll find textures upgraded, multiple screen resolution choices and anti-aliasing boosts becoming available to them, a bit like with Halo 1 and 2.

In one sense, this would make sense as Valve already has a variety of hi-res assets on hand after developing the PC version. The PC game also came on one DVD, so it's entirely possible that two groups of content - one for Xbox and one for 360 - can fit on the disc. Furthermore, it's possible that the game's delay could be partly attributed to waiting for 360 devkits to be up to the standard where such features can be road tested. The game is coming out a handful of days before the 360 launch, so again, as rumours go, it's not entirely ludicrous.

Of course, all this is rampant speculation on our part.

We're yet to receive any official comment from Valve but when we hear anything further on this matter, we'll be sure to let you know.