Ninety-nine nights slips?

Phantagram and Mizuguchi's next-gen hack 'n slasher runs the gauntlet further into 2006?

We're somewhat excited about Ninety-nine Nights, considering that Tetsuya Mizuguchi - the man that brought us everything from Space Channel 5 to Lumines - has a big old hand in the enemy-overload hack 'n slasher.

We'd imagine Microsoft's pretty excited about it too, given Mizuguchi's part in the company's bid to wrestle in some big Japanese talent to create Xbox 360 exclusives as a means of upping interest in the console way out east.

However, news is edging across the internet threshold, citing recent updates in retail release schedules, that the game's slipped back from its anticipated January 12 2006 launch date to somewhere in the impenetrable mists of sometime next year.

Quite how much of a knock-on effect, if any, this'll have over here in the west is anybody's guess, but we'll bring you full details on the progress of Mizuguchi and Phantagram's Ninety-nine Nights just as soon as we pick up its scent.