Win! GBA SP signed by Shigeru Miyamoto!

Mario creator and all-round legend scrawls on a GBA SP for you in celebration of Mario's 20th birthday!

In the real world, you'll get no kudos for your finely groomed moustache. There just isn't any place for dandy facial hair in today's modern society, unless you're a porn star, obviously.

However, in videogames it's a whole different story altogether. The game industry's most famous water technician and purveyor of sub-nasal bushiness, Mario - brother of Luigi, friend-with-benefits to Princess Peach - has garnered such monumental respect over the last twenty years, it's hard to seperate the man from myth from the moustache.

Yes, that's right, it's twenty years to the day (more or less) since Mario shook off his original moniker of Jump-Man, ready to be launched into the stratosphere of legends on the back of Shigeru Miyamoto's NES Super Mario Bros. platformer.


Since then, the jovial plumber has tried his hand at everything from golf, tennis and bakery to medicine - all in the name of videogame fun - but it's his platform games that he's best remembered for. No surprise considering that Mario's gynamstic outings are generally regarded as some of the finest titles ever to whizz from the fingertips of humanity. In fact, to date Mario's sold over 190 million games across eight different consoles worldwide, he's THAT FAB.

To celebrate Mario's big two-oh, we've teamed up with the lovely folk at Nintendo to give away an extra-special prize: a Game Boy Advance SP, signed by Mario creator and all-round legend Shigeru Miyamoto (it's the one pictured on this page!). Frankly, we're jealous that we're not allowed to enter the comp ourselves. That's not all though - carrying on our newfound Mariomania, we're also slinging in a copy of Dancing Stage Mario Mix each for two lucky runners-up.

Obviously, for a prize of this magnitude, we're not just going to GIVE it away - you're going to have to work for your winnings. In fact, it's going to help if you started prepping for this twenty years ago. You see, we're looking for the person with the most impressive Mario memorabilia collection and we want visual proof.

Simply send us a digital pic of your own Mario collection - be it of games, toys, trinkets, novelty pom poms and so on. The more impressively fanatical you look, the more likely you are to win. Once you've snapped your shot, simply email your submission to us and be sure to include your NAME and ADDRESS too.

Good luck!

Closing date is November 29. The competition is open to UK residents only and usual Future Publishing rules apply.