Zelda clears way for Revolution?

Does Nintendo plans to use the delay of The Twilight Princess to shift those last remaining GameCube stocks?

As Link and company scrub down their tights and polish their swords in preparation for their first big screen outing, more sinister rumours are afoot concerning the real reason for Nintendo's delay of The Twilight Princess.

According to Japanese publication Game Labo, whic has the story in its regular "rumour" column, whispers are being bandied around town claiming that Nintendo deliberately set back its latest Zelda title to clear out the remainder of its GameCube stock in anticipation of the Revolution's launch.

Obviously, once the company's next-gen system hits shelves, demand for the already sales-starved GameCube will drop off even further. As such, it makes sense to have one final huge franchise release on the console (presumably with heavily discounted bundles and so on) to shift the last remaining units which otherwise would simply sit around failing to make Nintendo any money whatsoever.

Of course, all this is just hearsay - albeit it logical, to a degree. However, one thing's for sure: whatever the reason for the delay of The Twilight Princess, as more news leaks out concerning the game, it looks to be shaping into one spectacular beast.

The latest round of Japanese publications has revealed that the newest game in the Zelda series has the biggest budget and largest development team yet for one of Link's adventures. What's more, Twilight Princess producer Eiji Aonuma has stated that the game should take players over 100 hours to complete, thanks to the wealth of new content that's been added since the title's announced delay.

Alongside the inclusion of many ideas originally pencilled in for later Zelda games, the team's been hard at work completely redoing all the animations using sophisticated motion-capture techniques designed to make The Twilight Princess the most immersive Zelda game yet.

Frankly, we can't wait. Even though we blatantly have to.