Hot Coffee makes top PR howlers list

Hot Coffee has been named and shamed as top games PR blunder of the year in new US list

We like Rockstar, we really do. They make innovative, brilliant and often downright hilarious games that certainly aren't afraid to push the envelope by stepping boldly where others fear to tread.

However news comes from our colonial cousins over in the US this morning that the Hot Coffee incident, has made number eight in the annual PR blunders list compiled by San Fransisco's Fineman PR agency.

The list, which puts Tom Cruise's promotional appearance for War of the Worlds at number one (where he apparently launched a pro-Scientology diatribe and went on to criticize the fragrant Brooke Shields) said of Hot Coffee: "As if best selling video game "Grand Theft Auto, San Andreas" didn't have enough violence and debauchery already, its maker Rockstar Games added hidden animated sex scenes. The soft-core porn ignited a political firestorm forcing a new "adults-only" rating. Other coverage said Best Buy and Circuit City pulled the game from their stores."

Seems a touch harsh to us being the season of goodwill and all that, but it got us thinking: perhaps there's a top games PR howlers list to be compiled. If you've any thoughts, don't be afraid to let rip in the comments section below.