Go ahead PunkBuster, make my Prey

Popular anti-cheat software to be employed in the 3D Realms and Human Head sci-fi FPS romp

3D Realms is bringing cheating scum to its bony knees as it announces the signing of PunkBuster for forthcoming first-person shooter Prey.

PunkBuster, just in case you were unaware, is popular anti-cheat software created by Even Balance, which in its own words "spearheads the effort to fight cheating in the online multiplayer gaming industry". Even Balance was recently contracted by Activision to integrate its software into World War II FPS Call of Duty 2.

A short announcement from Even Balance on PunkBuster getting signed up for Prey reads: "2K Games has contracted with Even Balance, Inc. to integrate PunkBuster Anti-Cheat software into the highly anticipated PREY, currently being developed by Human Head Studios and executive produced by 3D Realms. PunkBuster Anti-Cheat features will be available 'out-of-the-box' with the retail release of the game."

In development for Xbox 360 and PC, Prey follows the plight of Cherokee garage mechanic Tommy as he battles alien aggressors in an attempt to save the day. Tommy's extraterrestrial adventure begins when he's abducted onto an alien mothership orbiting our world. Mankind's very existence is at stake and this is the catalyst that awakens Tommy's long forgotten spiritual powers to help battle the alien menace.