Tetris plummets onto DS

Classic puzzler comes to the DS with six different Nintendo franchise-themed modes and Wi-fi online play

If there's one thing there's not nearly enough of in this world anymore, it's falling block puzzle games. Okay, so we've had Meteos and Lumines recently - both of which were quite fab, let's be honest - but, frankly, two isn't anywhere near enough to satiate our cravings. Okay, maybe it is, but that's not the point.

Anyway, Nintendo has announced that Tetris DS will be hitting the handheld on March 20 over in the US and the company's promising all sorts of new-fangled features to make the most of the machine's special gubbins. Most excitingly - as far as we can be excited about another version of the game that started the whole plummeting masonry craze - the game is set to support the Nintendo Wi-fi Connection service, giving between two and four players the chance to go head-to-head online.


In total, there're are six different modes - each themed around a classic Nintendo franchise. Super Mario Bros, Zelda and Metroid are the examples given although, it has to be said, we'd prefer it if the company could tap into one of their lesser-pimped franchises once in a while - it's not like those crazy goth-punk animals from rhythm-actioner Dai Gassou! Band Brothers are up to much at the moment.

Alongside the traditional game, there's a mode featuring special Tetris puzzles and a massive battle mode for up to ten players via LAN which only requires one cart. Touchscreen will come into play in some of the modes, but we couldn't really say which and how just yet - because we haven't been told.

No news of a European release yet, but we'll have more news as and when.