Midway to complete Rise & Fall title

Real-time strategy game Civilizations at War hoists banner at new headquarters

Midway has announced the fate of PC RTS Rise & Fall: Civilizations at War this afternoon, the publisher taking the game in-house and handing it to its San Diego studio for completion following the closure last year of former Rise & Fall developer Stainless Steel Studios.

A release for the game has been set for June, Midway proving good to its word when it said shortly after Stainless Steel's closure that Rise & Fall was still on track for a 2006 release. "Midway remains focused and determined to deliver a revolutionary real-time strategy experience with Rise & Fall, and will look to stay true to the title's original development vision," the publisher added at the time.


Rise & Fall: Civilizations at War finds players heading up one of four mighty empires - Greece, Rome, Egypt or Persia - of the ancient world and letting blood onto the fields of battle as they fight alongside troops as one of eight of history's most famous heroes - all with a view to bringing victory for their nation. Have a peep at our archive for more info on the game.