Grand Theft Auto 4: Europe?

UK games mag hints at next-gen Grand Theft Auto - is it going to be set a bit closer to home this time?

While the Italian-American hijinks present in the Grand Theft Auto series have an undeniable appeal, the patriots in us tingle at the thought of some more UK-centric action.

PSM2 also speculates that the next generation GTA will be set in Europe, with a total of 6 cities featured in the game. Whatever the game is, it will probably be officially unveiled at this year's E3 show and might be a PlayStation 3 exclusive.

Interestingly, PSM2 also suggests that GTA4 could be released as early as the end of this year, alongside the PS3 itself. The mag writes that a "proper" GTA is released every two years, and speculates that 2006 is ripe for the next-gen sequel.

What with the GTA developer being located here in good old Blighty, it's only a matter of time before Europe gets the full-on GTA treatment. As for whether there's any truth to the rumour though, well we only have to wait a few months to find out.