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Dead Rising stuck underground

Capcom's enticing Xbox 360 zombie-fest pushed back and slapped with new release date

We love zombie stuff - not quite as much as we love monkey stuff though, admittedly - so when Capcom unearthed Dead Rising on Xbox 360 to reveal a game that smacked of the gratuitous undead delights of movie Dawn of the Dead, we very nearly broke out of our British reserve and cheered. We've been keeping a quiet eye on the game since it was announced, but unfortunately latest news on the title has left us a little down in the mouth - it's slipped slightly, you see.

Dead Rising was originally expected in May this year, but Capcom's latest American release schedule reveals it's now pencilled in for Summer 2006 (in the US obviously). Looks like a delay to us, although according to various reports the company is stating that the original May date was a rough guide rather than an official target. Summer 2006 is a pretty broad window to to be sure, but we're just hoping it doesn't slip into autumn because we're itching to get our hands on the game.

Capcom's European arm is listing Dead Rising as "TBC 2006", just in case you were wondering. You can bet the release of the title in the UK and Europe will follow its release in the States.

Dead Rising follows the story of Frank West, a freelance photo journalist with the hots to score the scoop of a lifetime. Following a tip-off, he heads to a small, suburban town only to discover that the place has been overrun by zombies. Seeking safety, West heads to the local shopping mall but it's crawling with undead critters. Players are given a dose of free reign within the shopping mall and can utilise all manner of objects - including vehicles and makeshift weapons, for example - to fend off the zombie horde.