Rule the world in MMOG ArchLord

Codemasters signs Korean massively multiplayer title that allows you to lord it over the game world for a month

Codemasters is on a bit of a roll with MMORPG signing at the moment and the latest game to be picked up by the BritSoft boys is a title called ArchLord - it's developed by Korean company NHN Games and Codemasters has secured US and European publishing and operational rights.

ArchLord's a fantasy-flavoured MMO with adventures romping over the hills and dales of game world Kantra. Apparently, the title features one of the most advanced and complex PvP systems ever seen in the genres, with Codemasters saying it features sprawling free battle areas and special guild battlefields that enables players to battle in guild versus guild fights.


But ArchLord's key selling point, we're told, is the gameplay mechanic that sees warriors and wizards (well, we guess there's wizards and warriors in it) given the opportunity to climb to the giddy heights of ArchLord. Every month, one player will rise to the rank of supreme ruler of the game world, presenting them with the opportunity to wreak havoc on enemies as they gain control of supreme global ArchLord powers. Cripes!

A storyline of conquest and betrayal evolves as the weeks and months pass - well, that's the plan - and ultimately adventurers are attempting to secure ancient relics of the Archons. "Each relic bestows incredible power on those who possess it and when relics are combined they deliver ultimate mastery over the fundamental forces of creation for there can only be one Archlord!", says Codemasters.

Codemasters plans to launch ArchLord simultaneously in Europe and the US in Q3 2006.