Sega announces Medieval 2: Total War

The acclaimed strategy series returns for a new dose of epic combat and strategy mayhem

Sega's blown the lid off the latest addition to the acclaimed Total War RTS series this afternoon. Say hello to Medieval 2: Total War.

The fourth instalment of the franchise returns players to a bloody era of history where you will be able to lead your armies across the battlefields of Europe and beyond. Medieval 2: Total War features an impressive array of new graphical tweaks including an enhanced terrain model and the capability to have 10,000 characters on screen at once.

On top of this, developer The Creative Assembly has implemented a fully redesigned multiplayer mode that offers a "dynamic multi-battle campaign" and an "unprecedented level of visceral combat choreography." Sounds splendid.


"Medieval 2: Total War is the result of 7 years continuous development of the Total War series and has been designed to appeal to all gamers, not just hardcore strategy fans." said Mike Simpson, Studio Director at Creative Assembly. "Each game in the series has outshone the previous one and Medieval 2: Total War is no exception."

Medieval 2: Total War marches onto PCs this winter.

PC Zone magazine, issue #165, has a mammoth exclusive on Medieval 2: Total War. 12 pages long, it includes snazzy screenshots and tasty gameplay revelations. It's out on February 2. Don't miss it!