Sony Liberates first PSP Killzone shots

Fresh from the heaving loins of Sony's squirting screen machine, here're some images of Guerrilla's new PSP game

We know that new details of Guerrilla Games' first PSP title and Killzone spin-off Killzone: Liberation were doing the rounds at the beginning of the week but now, Sony has officially lifted the lid on the title, firing out a heady barrage of new screens into the mix.

Here's the conundrum: we can either just run the screens and pop off for our lunch now, or we can pretend there's a ton of new information to divulge and waffle on for a couple more paragraphs. Our bellies say "lunch", but the syringe of adrenalin wedged into our forearms, immovable thanks to the huge leather straps stopping us from wandering around until the dinner bell sounds, says otherwise.


Here's a couple of choice quotes from Sony's press release then, courtesy of Hermen Hulst - Guerrilla's managing director: "We were keen to ensure Killzone: Liberation was totally unique and offered PSP owners a different Killzone experience. So, Killzone: Liberation has been developed from scratch - creating what we think is an intense portable gaming experience. Although Killzone: Liberation is totally new it stays true to what made the first Killzone such a great success - the characters, weapons, style and a continuation of the same great plot."

We were originally going to point out that the original PS2 game wasn't particularly good at all but then we decided that was a bit mean, so were just going to finish up with a full-stop instead.