BF2 blasts in with new Xbox 360 footage

Infantry and armoured units blast each other to smithereens in an exciting new trailer from Modern Combat on next-gen

Yesterday's next-gen Battlefield 2: Modern Combat screenshot splurge has been quickly followed today by a slinky gameplay trailer from the Xbox 360 version of the title. The trailer features just under a minute of enticing footage, with infantry and armoured units dealing out explosive action. Graphically, it's looking rather sleek too we have to say, and having enjoyed the Battlefield series on PC we're eagerly anticipating getting to full grips with this move to next-gen.

EA is still listing Battlefield 2: Modern Combat on Xbox 360's release date as TBA, but with the media offensive ramping up we imagine it won't be too long before this one rolls into shops. Enjoy the new footage, which is downloadable below.

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat Xbox 360 trailer
Download here (17.2Mb, MPG)