EA talks up 360 Battlefield 2

Battlefield producer discusses Xbox 360 Modern Combat, invading Microsoft's next-gen console soon!

Xbox Live thrill seekers should prepare for a new wave of explosive 360 titles, as this month sees the arrival of several next-gen big hitters, one of which is EA's Battlefield 2: Modern Combat.

In an interview with our neighbours on Xbox 360 - The Official Magazine, Battlefield 2 producer Jeff Gamon - not to be mistaken with the Legend of Zelda villain - tells us just how excited we should be for the Xbox 360 shooter. Battlefield 2 has been extensively rebuilt from the ground up for the next-gen Xbox, featuring brand new models and 5.1 surround sound good enough to please even the most hardened of cynics.

"One of our objectives for BF2:MC 360 was always to make one of the first truly next generation games for the 360 - show what it really might be capable of," said Gamon. "It's undeniable that the quality of the image this platform outputs brings games to new heights of realism."

But Battlefield 2: Modern Combat has also seen improvements in the gameplay department; "The extra time we've spent developing the 360 version has let us tune the hell out of it and address issues highlighted in feedback we received on the earlier versions," said Gamon.

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat marches in to the shops on March 31.