Dragon Quest VIII gets Euro date

Square-Enix's monstrously popular Japanese RPG series finally gets a release date for its European debut

Despite being the Japanese game-playing public's second favourite gaming series of all time, according to a recent poll in Famitsu magazine, us lowly Europeans have never even had a sniff of the Dragon Quest series.

Now though, a sizeable eight games in, Square-Enix has finally deemed that the time is right to thrust its latest PS2 RPG title Dragon Quest VIII into the outstretched palms of us Western gamers - and by all reports, it's a bit of a good 'un. Even better, we've finally got actual, real final confirmation of the EXACT DAY we're going to get it in stores here in Europe.

Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, here's what you've all been waiting for. Erm, imagine us opening a golden envelope or something here. Pregnant pause. And the official European release date for Dragon Quest VIII:The Journey of the Cursed King is April 13.

Cue polite applause.