Spike TV in the US contemplates bringing a GTA-inspired series to the small screen - Rockstar remains silent

Intriguing news from US entertainment bible Variety this afternoon, with first reports of a potential new TV show in the offing inspired by Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto series.

US cable station Spike TV, which is apparently "a place where a guy can be a guy and not feel bad about it", is contemplating plans for a TV show based on Rockstar's award-winning, if always controversial, crime-a-thon.

Sounds splendid to us, but we have to stress it's just only under consideration as the TV network relaunches as a more macho brand. Variety reports that among its many new projects is "a sort of live-action take on the vidgame Grand Theft Auto", but provides scant further details.

We have to say it seems unlikely to us that any deal has been struck with Rockstar direct, as we're sure there'd be a big announcement. And anyway it would probably cost Spike TV an absolute fortune to license that iconic name. It seems more likely any show will be 'inspired' by the overall GTA ethos rather than directly carrying an official endorsement, although we suppose it's not out of the bounds of possibility. However, at the time of writing Rockstar reps were unavailable for comment.

Still, an interesting snippet of news, and we leave you with the thoughts of Spike TV overlord Doug Herzog, who told Variety, "The network is about testosterone, action and unpretentiousness and we're unapologetic about all of it."

Seems GTA may just have found its spiritual TV home.