New Age of Empires III expansion screens

Ensemble offers glimpse of the forthcoming add-on, now tagged as Age of Empires III : The WarChiefs

Ensemble Studios has released new screenshots from its recently announced Age of Empires III expansion, The WarChiefs, which should be letting rip with a blood-curdling battle cry this autumn. Pass mince pies over images, which we've uploaded to this here page.

The WarChiefs presents players with the opportunity to head-up one of three Native American civilisations, including the Iroquois Confederation, and expand their empire and fight for control of the Americas. Speaking about the new single-player campaign in the expansion, Ensemble has said that it's "going to expand the Black family saga, but it hews much more closely to historical events. Thus, you will have members of the Black family involved in actual well-known happenings."


Naturally, plenty of other new content relating to the new single-player campaign is being stuffed in, plus Age of Empire III's existing civilisations are also receiving a little love: "There are new random maps, new native allies, new units, new Home City shipments, new civs, and new ways to win the game or break a stalemate. Of course, these new features do change the game, but it's in an additive way," Ensemble has revealed.