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New MotoGP '06 screens pop a wheelie

Climax Entertainment's 360 bike racer is looking fine, and destined to become an Xbox Live classic

When it comes to Xbox Live matches on MotoGP we can be a little mischievous. Forgive our childishness, but when we're lagging behind in 12th place riding the course backwards always seems like an amusing idea.

The Xbox 360 iteration is currently being lovingly tuned by the chaps at Climax, who plan to stick more bikes, racers and tracks in the game than you can shake a big, twin-exhaust stick at. Fans of the series will also be pleased to hear that the Xbox Live player-count has been revved up to 20 racers at once, bringing the potential for gigantic pile-ups to excitingly high levels.

MotoGP '06 revs on to the Xbox 360 on June 9, and it looks wheelie good.