Sensible Soccer reborn!

A footballing legend returns on PC, PS2 and Xbox, handily just it time for this summer's festival of footy

Pro Evo, FIFA, Football Manager, Championship Manager. All soccer legends in their own right, but way back in the annals of playable footy history Sensible Soccer was the original - and some would still say the best - football game to ever grace a virtual pitch.

Well footy fans who remember those glory days, or indeed new fans looking for a fresh incarnation of sheer soccer heaven, Sensi Soccer is making a welcome comeback this June on PC, PS2 and Xbox with a host of new cups and competitions, including full World and European Cup tournaments,

Set to feature over 350 International and European club teams and over 5500 players, Sensi certainly seems comprehensive enough to keep up with the rest of the modern footy pack. And since the game was always best played with or against your mates, confirmed four-player multiplayer and two-player co-op modes mean it should have as much to offer as ever.


It was always Sensi's sheer speed, playability and maestro-like class that kept it slightly ahead of old rival Kick Off and that's the trait we'll be looking for this summer when it makes its debut. Since it's being headed up by original creator and all around soccer legend Jon Hare, we're also expecting Sensi to offer the first serious challenge to established leader of the pack Pro Evo for our footballing affections.

Enjoy these new screens and we'll be bringing you a full match report from our own hands-on with Sensi, very soon.