First Rockstar Table Tennis movie served up!

Take a look at the first ever footage of Rockstar's outlandish venture into the world of ping-pong

We must admit we were won over by Rockstar's Table Tennis from the moment we got the bizarre phone call announcing its existence. Thankfully, play sessions with the game confirm our suspicions that it is indeed excellent, and as you can see from our first footage top right, it has the graphical power to smack gobs too.

Developed by Rockstar's San Diego outfit - who were responsible for both Red Dead Revolver and Midnight Club - Table Tennis utilises every spare ounce of power inside the Xbox 360's slinky shell to make the most visually stunning ping-pong game ever. Reflections, multiple light sources and shadows are all mastered to perfection, and the characters in play are made up of other 30000 pimpled, sweaty polygons.

Table Tennis powers in to shops on May 26 - and for the fair sum of 29.99 GBP we just might buy two copies.