Vivendi Eragon-na publish a new game

New title based on forthcoming Twentieth Century Fox movie announced for just about every platform imaginable

Vivendi has announced that it's set to bring a fantasy-adventure title based on Twentieth Century Fox's forthcoming movie Eragon to - deep breath - PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, Xbox, Xbox 360, PC, Nintendo DS and GBA later this year.

In case you're not familiar with the movie (because, in all honesty, we weren't), it's apparently inspired by Christopher Paolini's best-selling fantasy novel - of which we also haven't heard.

Despite our almost complete lack of knowledge regarding anything to do with the project, we're sure we can muster up the same kind of excitement as Vivendi's CEO Bruce Hack, who exclaimed in a quivering frenzy of revery: "Christopher Paolini's amazing fantasy worlds, characters and adventures portrayed in Eragon offer fans of the genre an opportunity to step into Eragon's world and live out the dragon rider legacy. Eragon is sure to be one of the most anticipated movies of 2006 and we are excited to bring this rich story to gamers worldwide."

Eragon is being developed by Stormfront Studios on console - with Amaze Entertainment performing handheld duties - and is currently scheduled to hit a ridiculous number of formats alongside the movie's release this December.