Ridge Racer 7 roars onto PS3

Playable at E3, with 14 player online mode revealed - blimey that came up in our rear view mirror a bit quickly

Namco is working on a new version of long-standing power-sliding favourite Ridge Racer 7 for the PS3, according to the latest word from out East.

According to our old friends at respected Japanese publication Famitsu, work on Ridge Racer 7 is already well underway and, surprisingly, it's set to make its playable debut at this year's E3.

The latest word is that Ridge Racer 7 is being developed by series producer and PSP vet, Hideo Teramoto, and it's being directed by Masaya Kobayashi with sound duties being performed by Hiroshi Okubuo.

Not too many further details to report, other than the intriguing news that Ridge Racer 7 will roar online with up to fourteen players on the PS3, so severe multiplayer action is certainly in prospect. Once again, trademark Ridge Racer virtual icon and racing queen Reiko Nagase (pictured) will be fronting the racing franchise, which can be no bad thing.


With E3 roaring ever closer, like an Artic bearing down on an unsuspecting hedgehog, we'll be hoping to bring you first impressions of Ridge Racer 7 in action, live and direct from the E3 show floor.