New Hitman shots swoop in for the kill

The deadliest bald man in the world stars in a selection of Hitman: Blood Money screenshots

This morning we offer you another opportunity to gawp at gaming's most famous baldy. Nope, we're not talking about J Allard, Voldo or the bloke with the long arms from Street Fighter, it's Agent 47, the deadly assassin returning for more corpse-looting mischief in Hitman: Blood Money.

The fourth Hitman game has our favourite slap-head assassin jetting off to the USA, where he'll tussle with a rival agency following a series of mysterious murders. Checkout Agent 47's new suit in our fresh batch of 'multi-format' screenshots - we'll give you a free pack of Chewits if you can work out which platform they're for.

Hitman: Blood Money sneaks in to the shops on May 26 - stock-up on piano wire now.