Lara gets touched!

Miss Croft heaving onto Nintendo's DS and GBA, with GameCube support reiterated

We hate writing about Lara Croft, what with the ever-present danger of an unexpected breast joke rearing its head. Nipple. Whatever. Thankfully though, we like Lara's latest - Tomb Raider: Legend - so, at the risk of beating you round the head with a misplaced boob, we're happy to reveal that Eidos has announced the game is heading to Nintendo's GBA and DS.

Alongside that news, the publisher also reaffirmed that Legend will be making its way to GameCube and that there are some surprises in store for Nintendo versions of the game. According to Eidos' Kathryn Clements, "There are a host of new and exciting features for Lara on the Nintendo platforms. With the stunning graphics of the original games optimised to Nintendo's platforms, Legend will further extend the reach of the Lara universe."

What with all this optimisation of stunningness, we can only assume that glancing at Nintendo's Legend will be like running a razor blade across your eyeballs. Which we wouldn't recommend, just in case you were thinking about it.