Seabass: England won't win without Rooney

Pro Evo for Xbox 360 officially announced, plus the mastermind behind the game slams England's chances!

Konami has officially announced that Pro Evolution Soccer, the football game that true football fans love, will be kicking onto Xbox 360 later this year.

Pro Evolution Soccer 6 will feature a whole host of new features like more physical contact between players, more opportunities for snap shots, more balanced referees and more ticks and feints. The Master League mode has been improved and a new International Challenge mode lets you take part in the qualification and finals of a World Cup-style competition. There'll also be tons of Xbox Live options.

And the game's creator and Producer at Konami Seabass (real name Shingo Takatsuka) told CVG today that England's chances of winning the World Cup have gone down the pan after Rooney broke his infamous metatarsal. "A few weeks back I thought England had a very good chance and would probably come second to Brazil," Seabass told us, "but after Rooney's injury they have dropped a long way down my list."

We also talked Pro Evo on Xbox 360 with Seabass, and he's confident that our version will be the best in the series yet. "We really wanted to bring Pro Evo to the Xbox 360 at launch," he told us, "and we want to apologise to our fans that we haven't been able to do that. However, we have been working for a very long time on Pro Evo for Xbox 360 and we're confident that it will be great."

Seabass promised us that the Xbox 360 version will feature far more realistic ball physics (the team has done "exhaustive research" into this apparently, which we reckon means they've been playing five-a-sides too much), player animations, refereeing decisions and collision detection.

One particular area he really wants to work on is the goalkeepers. "In Pro Evo when a player shoots from close range he is guaranteed to score, but in real football a keeper sometimes makes a spectacular reaction save. I want to bring those kind of goalkeeping heroics to the Xbox 360 version of Pro Evo."

Seabass also believes that Pro Evo will help shift the Xbox 360 and Xbox Live in Japan when it launches - a view backed up by Ninety-Nine Nights producer Sangyoun Lee. "I think we'll help the Xbox 360 in Japan because our game is so great!" laughed Seabass modestly.

So who does the genius behind Pro Evo reckon will win the World Cup? "I want to say Brazil, but it's so boring to pick them. Plus, their strikers haven't been performing too well lately. So I'll pick Czech Republic - they're ranked highly at the moment and I think they're a very powerful team."

If his footballing tips are of the same quality as his development skills, it might be worth laying a tenner on the red and white army... Seabass promised we'd see more of Pro Evo on Xbox 360 at August's Tokyo Game Show, and we expect the game to be available around October. Keep it tuned to CVG for the best Pro Evo 6 action.