Liberty City Stories: First PS2 movie, screens

The handheld GTA finally makes its way on to PS2 - first screens and trailer inside

The next Grand Theft Auto, GTA: Liberty City Stories is only a few weeks away from release on PS2, and we've finally got the first screens and trailer of its brand new console paint job.

In case you haven't been paying attention, Liberty City Stories was first released for the PSP last year, and sees you once again return to Liberty City as new boy Tony Cipriani. Although you're shooting up the exact streets you already criminalised in GTA III, Liberty City Stories introduces a brand new plot, characters, missions and vehicles which is why it quickly became one of the hottest titles for Sony's slick handheld.

If you don't own a PSP or you just want to revisit Liberty City on your home console, GTA: LCS will be out for PS2 on June 23 for the handsome price of 19.99 GBP - to which we say, bargain. The next GTA revisit, Vice City Stories is due on PSP in October