Smashing Viva Piņata come out to play

Rare's crazy Piņata game impresses in new screenshots. Best looking 360 game yet? Decide for yourself inside

Ever since we first spied Viva Piņata earlier this year, we've been excited and intrigued by what looks set to be one of the most original games to exit Rare's HQ in years. Well, this morning our excitement has gone up a notch with the release of these absolutely gorgeous screenshots.

When you're playing the game later this year you'll be tasked with building a garden to attract a wide and varied list of piņata species. You can then invite people over to your garden via Xbox Live, swap piņatas and customise them with some wacky clothes and colours. It's all a bit like Animal Crossing with Technicolor-ed alligators, then. Or something.

Viva Piņata is due out this Christmas. We're off to make paper hats out of these screenshots.